DDPRO / Digital Data Pro

Cloud platform that lets you recognize, process, create reports for your documents. We can save your time and optimize expenses. Now creation of your reports and digitalizing texts from paper takes seconds instead of hours of hard work.


Make your job easier


This is our core business. We are using powerful equipment and modern techniques to guaranty the best performance and accuracy. You can try our services following this link

Web scraping

We are ready to develop a parsing algorithm for your needs. Be aware of information that could be protected by copyright.

Accounting and reports

We could develop accounting system that will follow all rules and regulations of Your country, will automatically process documents linked with accounting and provide you any kind of reports.

Corporate and event portals

We have 3+ years of experience building event support tools. Now you can have all things you need in one place: registration forms, notifications of users, timetables management, etc. And it will be a fully customizable. Our last portal is International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning and Environment Recovery

System monitoring

We are developing powerful tools to track system state, free volumes space, available inodes, lan bandwidth etc. Release soon.


We always pay attention to security of your data. Following of all security industry standards let us to make your data and files secure on all steps of interaction with our services.
Our web platform satisfies A+ security grade for HTTPS (grade by Qualys SSL Labs ). And also A grade for HTTP response headers (grade by