Digital Data Pro (DDPRO) is a company, that provides сloud platform that lets recognize, process, create reports for your documents. We can save your time and optimize expenses. Now creation of your financial reports takes seconds instead of hours of hard work.
We are focusing on processing information from papers to digital representation.
Data processing is fully automated. You do not have to waste your time finding, comparing, calculating data and making reports. Our system will do it for you! It is as simple as scanning documents and sending it to us for processing.
Error control an correction is the priority. Despite being powerful enough to recognize most of your documents, you will be immediately informed about any errors raised during recognition. You will be provided with convenient user interface to resolve those issues.
You can access your documents anywhere, anytime. Your files are stored into our system to provide you exclusive possibility of protecting your documents. Your data will be classified and stored we are also using sustainable backup system to provide additional safety of your documents.
We always pay attention to security of your data. Following of all security industry standards let us to make your data and files secure on all steps of interaction with our services.
Our web platform satisfies A+ security grade for HTTPS (grade by Qualys SSL Labs ). And also A grade for HTTP response headings (grade by